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Bake separate items ordered in a grid ,you can use a button to ovulate new ones (You can also use F5 key or Grasshopper Timer to refresh the component)
You can Right click on the Ovulate icon and choose "Grouping" mode to group baked geometries in each step, or choose both "Grouping" & "Layer" modes to group baked objects having the same layer
and aslo it's able to use double click on component in order to call Reset


GeometryGGeometry to bakeGeometricGoo
Layer Name(Optional)LLayerName per each objectString
BoundaryRBounding rectangle bound for baking geometryRectangle
TextTan string to bake with geometry (use '_step' to retrieve the item numberString
ControlCControl Parameter which could be used for reset or holding add key.. 0: Normal State → Ready to add frame via Add_Frame button 1: Reset → Clearing all saved key frames from memory 2: Hold → Adding frame in each iteration (Optional) Integer


VectorVVector of current positionVector
NumberNNumber of iterationInteger
RectangleRThe latest baking frameRectangle

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