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ADDON. Version Released on 2015-Aug-22. Provides 10 components. Created by Brian Washburn. Features 4 video tutorials.
Heron enables the import of GIS data from various sources into the Rhino/Grasshopper environment, located, scaled and cropped based on an Earth Anchor Point and a clipping polygon. Sources of GIS data include Shapefiles, USGS IMG/HGT Elevation files and ArcGIS REST Services over the web.
GIS Tools

GIS Tools

Decimal Degrees to XY (DDtoXY)
Convert Decimal Degrees Longitude/Latitude to X/Y
Import SHP (ImportSHP)
Import a Shapefile clipped to a boundary
Import Topo (ImportTopo)
Create a topographic mesh from an IMG or HGT file clipped to a boundary
Set EarthAnchorPoint (SetEAP)
Set the Rhino EarthAnchorPoint
XY to Decimal Degrees (XYtoDD)
Convert X/Y to Decimal Degrees Longitude/Latitude


ESRI REST Service Geocode (RESTGeocode)
Get coordinates based on a Point-of-Interest or Address
Get REST Service Layers (RESTLayer)
Discover ArcGIS REST Service Layers
Get REST Raster (RESTRaster)
Get raster imagery from ArcGIS REST Services
ESRI REST Service Reverse Geocode (RESTRevGeo)
Get the closest addresses to XY coordinates
Get REST Vector (RESTVector)
Get vector data from ArcGIS REST Services

Video Tutorials

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