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ADDON. Version 1.6.4. Released on 2023-Jan-18. Provides 29 components. Created by Robots Authors. Features 0 video tutorials.
Robots is a Grasshopper plugin for programming and simulating ABB, KUKA, UR and Staubli robots. Special care is taken to have feature parity between all manufacturers and have them behave as similar as possible. The plugin can also be used as a .NET library to create robot programs through scripting inside Rhino (using Python, C# or VB.NET). Advanced functionality is only exposed through scripting.


Check collisions (Collisions)
Checks for possible collisions. Will test if any object from group A collide with any objects from group B.
Create frame (Frame)
Creates a frame or work plane.
Create program (Program)
Creates a program, checks for possible issues and fixes common mistakes.
Create speed (Speed)
Creates a target speed.
Create target (Target)
Creates or modifies a target. Right click for additional inputs.
Create tool (Tool)
Creates a tool or end effector.
Custom code (Custom)
Creates a program using manufacturer specific custom code. This program cannot be simulated
Deconstruct target (DeTarget)
Deconstructs a target. Right click for additional outputs.
Kinematics (K)
Inverse and forward kinematics for a single target, or list of targets when using a robot system with coordinated robots.
Load frame (LoadFrame)
Loads a frame from the library.
Load robot system (LoadRobot)
Loads a robot system from the library.
Load tool (LoadTool)
Loads a tool from the library.
Remote connection (Remote)
Upload and run programs to UR or ABB controllers through a network. For ABB controllers you must install the 'ABB Robot Communication Runtime'.
Save program (SaveProg)
Saves a program to a text file.
Program simulation (Sim)
Rough simulation of the robot program, right click for playback controls


Custom command (CustomCmd)
Custom command written in the manufacturer specific language
Group command (GroupCmd)
Group of commands
Sends a text message to the teach pendant
Pulse DO (PulseDO)
Send a pulse to a digital output
Set AO (SetAO)
Set analog output
Set DO (SetDO)
Set digital output
Stop program (Stop)
Stops the program until an operator starts it again
Stops the program for a specific amount of time
Wait DI (WaitDI)
Stops the program until a digital input is turned on


Deconstruct program targets (DecProgTarg)
Exposes the calculated simulation data for all targets.
Degrees to radians (DegToRad)
Manufacturer dependent degrees to radians conversion.
Simple trail (Trail)
Draws a trail behind the TCP. To be used with the simulation component.
From plane (FromPlane)
Returns a list of numbers from a plane
Get plane (GetPlane)
Get a plane from a point in space and a 3D rotation. The input has to be a list of 6 or 7 numbers.

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