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SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Version 1.0.0007. Released on 2022-Mar-08. Provides 56 components. Created by David Rutten. Features 0 video tutorials.


Solve mesh exposure for a collection of energy rays and obstructions.
Align Vertices (AlignVert)
Align nearby vertices in a mesh
Blur Mesh (MBlur)
Blur the colours on a mesh
Simple Mesh (SMesh)
Create a mesh that represents a Brep as simply as possible
Cull Faces (CullF)
Cull faces from a mesh
Cull Vertices (CullV)
Cull vertices from a mesh
Delete Faces (DeleteF)
Delete faces from a mesh
Delete Vertices (DeleteV)
Delete vertices from a mesh
Mesh Join (MJoin)
Join a set of meshes into a single mesh
Quadrangulate (Quad)
Quadrangulate as many triangles as possible in a mesh
Settings (Custom) (Custom Mesh Settings)
Represents custom mesh settings.
Settings (Speed) (Jagged)
Represents 'Jagged & faster' mesh settings.
Settings (Quality) (Smooth)
Represents 'Smooth & slower' mesh settings.
Mesh Shadow (MShadow)
Compute the shadow outline for a mesh object
Disjoint Mesh (Disjoint)
Split a mesh into disjoint pieces.
Mesh Split Plane (MSplit)
Split a mesh with an infinite plane.
Mesh Surface (Mesh UV)
Create a Surface UV mesh
Triangulate (Tri)
Triangulate all quads in a mesh
Unweld Mesh (Unweld)
Unweld (split) creases in a mesh
Weld Mesh (Weld)
Weld (merge) creases in a mesh
Occlusion (Occ)
Solve occlusion for a collection of view rays and obstructions.
Flip Mesh (FlipM)
Flip the normal vectors of a mesh
Unify Mesh (UniM)
Unify the normals of a mesh
Smooth Mesh (MSmooth)
Smooth the vertices of a mesh


Delaunay Edges (Con)
Delaunay connectivity
Convex Hull (Hull)
Compute the planar, convex hull for a collection of points
Delaunay Mesh (Del)
Delaunay triangulation
Facet Dome (Facet)
Create a facetted dome
OcTree (OcT)
A three-dimensional oc-tree structure
Planar voronoi diagram for a collection of points
Proximity 2D (Prox)
Search for two-dimensional proximity within a point list
Proximity 3D (Prox)
Search for three-dimensional proximity within a point list
QuadTree (QT)
A two-dimensional quadtree structure
Voronoi Groups (VorGroup)
Compute a custom set of nested voronoi diagrams.
Substrate algorithm inspired by Jared Tarbell (
Voronoi 3D (Voronoi³)
Volumetric voronoi diagram for a collection of points
Voronoi Cell (VCell)
Compute a single 3D Voronoi cell
Quad Remesh (QRMesh)
Perform quad-remeshing on a shape.
Quad Remesh Settings (QRSettings)
Create setting for Quad-remeshing.


Deconstruct Face (DeFace)
Deconstruct a mesh face into its four corner indices.
Deconstruct Mesh (DeMesh)
Deconstruct a mesh into its component parts.
Mesh Closest Point (MeshCP)
Finds the closest point on a mesh
Mesh Edges (MEdges)
Get all the edges of a mesh
Mesh Eval (MEval)
Evaluate a mesh at a given parameter
Face Boundaries (FaceB)
Convert all mesh faces to polylines
Face Circles (FaceC)
Solve the circumscribed circles for all mesh faces
Face Normals (FaceN)
Extract the normals and center points of all faces in a mesh
Mesh Inclusion (MInc)
Test a point for Mesh inclusion


Construct Mesh (ConMesh)
Construct a mesh from vertices, faces and optional colours.
Mesh Colours (MCol)
Assign a repeating colour pattern to a mesh object.
Mesh Spray (MSpray)
Assign colours to a mesh based on spray points.
Mesh Plane (MPlane)
Create a mesh plane.
Mesh Sphere (MSphere)
Create a mesh sphere.
Mesh Sphere Ex (MSphereEx)
Create a mesh sphere from square patches.
Mesh Quad (Quad)
Create a mesh quad.
Mesh Triangle (Triangle)
Create a mesh triangle.

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