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ShrinkWrap a mesh or point cloud object


GeometryGMesh or point cloud to ShrinkWrapGeometry
Edge LengthEThe desired target edge length in document units. Smaller values equal more mesh resolution at the expense of larger mesh sizes. If no edge length is provided, a value will be calculated based on heuristics to provide a loose shrinkwrapped mesh.Number
OffsetODistance to offset outward or inwardNumber
SmoothingSThe number of times to apply smoothingInteger
OptimizationPPercentage [0-100%] of polygon optimization desired. Polygons will be reduced in areas of lower curvature. Lower values result in better feature preservation at the cost of more polygons.Integer
Fill HolesFShould mesh inputs have holes filled prior to being ShrinkWrapped. This value is ignored when input objects are Point CloudsBoolean


MeshMResulting ShrinkWrap meshMesh

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