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Use this component to create an AMY weather file from a year of data downloaded from the National Climactic Data Center (NCDC) database and an existing TMY weather file for the location.
The existing EPW file is needed both to determine values that are not present in the data file (like latitude) and to help determine a relationship between radiation/illuminance and sky cover. Since NCDC data usually does not contain data for radiation but does contain detailed information on cloud cover, this cloud cover information and the relation between cloud cover and radiation is used to produce radiation values in the new file.
All of the files in the NCDC database can be found on this map here:
The front page of the NCDC database can be found here:
Provided by Dragonfly 0.0.03


NCDCDataFile_NCDCDataFileA text string representing the file path of an annual NCDC data file that you have downloaded and unzipped to your system. This is the file ending in 'dat.txt' in the unzipped folder that you have downloaded. You can download NCDC data files by picking a location on this online map:
originalEPW_originalEPWAn text string representing an .epw file path on your system. This EPW should be for the same location as the NCDC file above.Goo
patchMissingValspatchMissingVals_Set to 'True' to have the component attempt to fill gaps in recorded data by placing in data from previous hours. Set to 'False' to just write the default missing value into the EPW file (which is susually 99, 999, 9999, or some version of this). The default is set to 'True'. Note that setting this to 'False' will also mean that no radiation or illuminance calulation is performed for the weather file and the values of the original fil are written instead.Goo
AMYfilenameAMYfilename_An optional text string to set the name of the output AMY file.Goo
runIt_runItSet to 'True' to run the component and generate an AMY file from the connected NCDC data and existing EPW file.Goo


epwFileepwFileThe file address of the AMY file that has been written to your machine.Goo

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