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Use this component to generate a building typology to be used with the "DF City" component from footprint geometry.
Provided by Dragonfly 0.0.03


geo_geoA list of surface breps that represent the footprint geometry of the buildings in the urban area that fall under this typology.Goo
num_floors_num_floorsA float number (greater than 1) that represents the average number of stories of the buildings in the typology. Alternatively, this can be a list of numbers with a number of stories for each footprint in _geo above.Goo
program_programOne of the 16 building programs listed from the "DF Bldg Programs" component. The following options are available: FullServiceRestaurant Hospital LargeHotel LargeOffice MediumOffice MidRiseApartment OutPatient PrimarySchool QuickServiceRestaurant SecondarySchool SmallHotel SmallOffice StandAloneRetail StripMall SuperMarket WarehouseGoo
age_ageAn integer that sets the age of the buildings represented by this typology. This is used to determine what constructions make up the walls, roofs, and windows based on international building codes over the last several decades. Choose from the following options: Pre-1980's 1980's-Present New ConstructionGoo
flr_to_flr_flr_to_flr_A number that sets the average distance between floors for the building typology. This will be used to compute the total floor area of the building, which ultimately determines the influence that the typology has on the urban microclimate.Goo
fract_canyon_fract_canyon_A number between 0 and 1 that represents the fraction of the building's waste heat from air conditioning that gets rejected into the urban canyon (as opposed to through rooftop equipment or into a ground source loop). The default is set to 0.5.Goo
run_runSet to "True" to run the component and generate a building typology.Goo


typologytypologyA Dragonfly building typology object that can be plugged into the "DF City" component.Goo
perim_crvsperim_crvsA list of curves showing the exterior-exposed edges of the footprints.Goo

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