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This component let you force climate condition of the simulation. Data of this component comes from EPW file.
Basically, it extract 24 values of temperature and relative humidity by using DOY.
It is a good element to find a relation between calculation with EnergyPlus and calculation with ENVI_MET.
Connect "simpleForce" to ...
Provided by Dragonfly 0.0.03


epwFile_epwFileAn .epw file path on your system as a string.Goo
HOY_HOYThe hour of the year. Connect the output from "Ladybug_DOY_HOY".Goo
DOY_DOYThe day of the year. Connect the output from "Ladybug_DOY_HOY".Goo


dryBulbTemperaturedryBulbTemperatureThe dry bulb temperature values [K] from selected day.Goo
relativeHumidityrelativeHumidityThe relative humidity values [%] from selected day.Goo
startDatestartDateStart date for simulation settings.Goo
startTimestartTimeStart time for simulation settings.Goo

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