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Use this component to generate a Dragonfly City object from numerical parameters like building height and site coverage ratio.
The ouput of this component can be plugged into the 'Dragonfly_Run Urban Weather Generator' component to morph a rural/airport weather file to reflect the urban climate.
Provided by Dragonfly 0.0.03


avg_height_avg_heightThe average height of the buildings in the city in meters.Goo
site_coverage_site_coverageA number between 0 and 1 that represents the fraction of the city terrain that the building footprints occupy. It describes how close the buildings are to one another in the city.Goo
facade_to_site_facade_to_siteA number that represents the ratio of vertical urban surface area [walls] to the total terrain area of the city. This value can be greater than 1.Goo
bldg_programs_bldg_programsA list of building programs that are within the urban area. These should come from the "DF Bldg Programs" component.Goo
bldg_ages_bldg_agesA list of building ares that are within the urban area, which correspond with the _bldg_programs above. These should come from the "DF Bldg Age" component.Goo
bldg_ratios_bldg_ratiosA list of values between 0 and 1 that denote the fraction of the total floor area of the urban area occupied each of the _bldg_programs above. The connected values should sum to 1.Goo
tree_coveragetree_coverage_An number from 0 to 1 that defines the fraction of the entire urban area (including both pavement and roofs) that is covered by trees. The default is set to 0.Goo
grass_coveragegrass_coverage_An number from 0 to 1 that defines the fraction of the entire urban area (including both pavement and roofs) that is covered by grass/vegetation. The default is set to 0.Goo
climate_zone_climate_zoneA text string representing the ASHRAE climate zone. (eg. 5A). This is used to set default constructions for the buildings in the city.Goo
traffic_par_traffic_parTraffic parameters from the "DF Traffic Parameters" component. This input is required as anthropogenic heat from traffic can significantly affect urban climate and varies widely between commerical, residential, and industrial districts.Goo
vegetation_parvegetation_par_An optional set of vegetation parameters from the "DF Vegetation Parameters" component. If no vegetation parameters are input here, the Dragonfly will use a vegetation albedo of 0.25 and Dragonfly will attempt to determine the months in which vegetation is active by looking at the average monthly temperatures in the EPW file.Goo
pavement_parpavement_par_An optional set of pavement parameters from the "DF Pavement Parameters" component. If no paramters are plugged in here, it will be assumed that all pavement is asphalt.Goo
----------------------------------------Script variable CityGoo
run_runSet to 'True' to run the component and generate the Dragonfly city from the connected inputs.Goo


DF_cityDF_cityA Drafongfly city objectthat can be plugged into the "DF Run Urban Weather Generator" component.Goo

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