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Use this component to morph a rural or airport EPW to reflect the conditions within an urban street canyon. The properties of this urban street canyon are specified in the connected _UWGCity.
For definitions of the inputs of the Urban Weather Generator, please see this page of the MIT Urban Microclimate Group:
For a full list of publications on the Urban Weather Generator, please see this page of the MIT Urban Microclimate Group:
Provided by Dragonfly 0.0.03


epw_file_epw_fileAn .epw file path on your system. This is the rural or airport file that will be morphed to reflect the climate conditions within an urban canyon.Goo
city_cityA Dragonfly City object. This object can be generated with the "DF City" component.Goo
epw_site_parepw_site_par_Optional Reference EPW Site Parameters from the "DF Reference EPW Site Par" component.Goo
bnd_layer_parbnd_layer_par_Optional Boundary Layer Parameters from the "DF Boundary Layer Par" component.Goo
analysis_period_analysis_period_An optional analysis period from the 'Ladybug_Analysis Period' component. If no Analysis period is given, the Urban Weather Generator will be run for the enitre year.Goo
sim_timestep_sim_timestep_A number representing the timestep at which the simulation is run in seconds. The default is set to 300 seconds (5 minutes).Goo
folder_folder_An optional working directory to a folder on your system, into which the morphed EPW files will be written. The default will write these files in the folder that contains the connected _epw_file.Goo
name_name_An optional text string which will be used to name of your morphed EPW files. Change this to aviod over-writing results of previous runs of the Urban Weather Generator.Goo
write_writeSet to "True" to have the component generate a UWG object from the connected DFCity and parameters. This object can be edited and smulated using a python component.Goo
runrun_Set to "True" to simulate the uwg_object and morph the EPW using the Urban Weather Generator (UWG).Goo


urban_epwurban_epwThe file path of the morphed EPW file that has been generated on your machine.Goo
------------------------Script variable RunUWGGoo
uwg_objectuwg_objectThe python UWG object that can be edited and simulated using the methods on the UWG.Goo

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