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Edit Building Materials

Use this component to edit building materials. You can use it to generate windows.
You need to use both Curve and Shapes inputs for windows. Check where the points are using"DFvisualizeBuildings"


INXfileAddress_INXfileAddressOutput of "DF Envimet Spaces".String
envimentGrid_envimentGridConnect the output of "Dragonfly Envimet Grid".Goo
selectorCurve_selectorCurveA closed curve on Plane World XY. Use it to select parts you want to change.Curve
selectorShapeselectorShape_A list of solid to select parts to edit. If point is inside it will be modified.Mesh
materialXmaterialX_Material in X direction. Default is 000000.String
materialYmaterialY_Material in Y direction. Default is 000000.String
materialZmaterialZ_Material in Z direction. Default is 000000.String
runIt_runItSet it to True to save the modified.Boolean


INXfileAddressINXfileAddressThe file path of the inx result file that has been generated on your machine.String

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