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This component writes simulation file (SIMX) of ENVI_MET.


mainSettings_mainSettingsBasic setting of the simulation file which comes from "DF Envimet Config MainSettings" component..Goo
simpleForcing_simpleForcingSimple forcing condition which comes from "DF Envimet Config SimpleForcing" component.Goo
timestepsSettingstimestepsSettings_Timestep settings, important for radiation. it comes from "DF Envimet Timesteps Settings" component.Goo
buildingTempbuildingTemp_Building indoor temperature setting. Output of "DF Envimet Building Temp" component.Goo
soilSettingssoilSettings_Initial condition to use for soil. Output of "DF Envimet Soil Settings" component.Goo
outputSettingsoutputSettings_Output interval of files. Output of "DF Envimet Output interval Settings" component.Goo
parallelparallel_Set True to increase the speed of calculation of ENVI_MET. This option does not work with Basic version. Default value is "True".Boolean
runIt_runItSet runIt to True to write SIMX file. Default value is "False".Boolean


SIMXfileAddressSIMXfileAddressThe file path of the simx file that has been generated on your machine.String

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