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Use this component to generate inputs for "Envimet Spaces". Each Point of grid represent a centroid of an envimet cube.


baseSurface_baseSurfaceConnect a surface to create a grid. You can create many scenarios also without buildings.Mesh
telescope_telescope_Choose telescope option if your Z domain can't be reached with equidistant Z grid. Default: 5 (growing percentage)Number
startTelescopeHeightstartTelescopeHeight_Height where to start the telesscoping Z grid growth. Default: 5.0Number
dimXdimX_Size of grid cell in meter. Default value is 3.0.Number
dimYdimY_Size of grid cell in meter. Default value is 3.0.Number
dimZdimZ_Size of grid cell in meter. Default value is 3.0.Number
addCellsLeftaddCellsLeft_Default: 2Integer
addCellslRightaddCellslRight_Default: 2Integer
addCellsUpaddCellsUp_Default: 2Integer
addCellsDownaddCellsDown_Default: 2Integer
numCellsZnumCellsZ_Number grid for Height domain. Default 15Integer
combineGridTypecombineGridType_Set it to true if you want to use both telescope and equidistant grid.Boolean


envimentGridenvimentGridConnect this output to "Dragonfly Envimet Spaces" in order to add grid input to ENVI-Met model.Goo

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