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Use this component to read the library of materials of ENVI_MET.
Use the "id" to change materials to enviment objects.
Use DF XML Reader to look at details of materials.


selectMaterial_selectMaterialUse this component to select materials from ENVI_MET DB. Connect a panel with one of following text: MATERIAL WALL SOIL PROFILE SOURCE PLANT PLANT3D GREENING. Default is PROFILE.String
searchMaterialsearchMaterial_Add a keyword to seach material you are looking for. For example, sand.String
envimetFolderenvimetFolder_Connect It if you want to read the model library.String


profileIdprofileIdProfile Soil material. Use an ITEM SELECTOR to select material you want.Goo
descriptiondescriptionRead the meaning of the ids.Goo
XMLXMLXML file of selected materials. Use DF XML Reader to extract details.Goo

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