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This component contain main settings to generate simulation file (SIMX).
Connect the output DF Envimet Config.


simNamesimName_The file name that you would like the sim file to be saved as.String
INXfileAddress_INXfileAddressThe path comes from DF Envimet Spaces.String
startDatestartDate_Connect the output of "DF Envimet Simply Force by EPW" or a text. The format have to be: DD.MM.YYYY Default value is 21.06.2018String
startTimestartTime_Connect the output of "DF Envimet Simply Force by EPW" or a text. The format have to be: hh:mm:ss Default value is 06:00:00String
simDurationsimDuration_Total Simulation Time in Hours. Default value is 24. Usually from 24 to 48 hours.Integer
windSpeedwindSpeed_Wind Speed in 10 m ab. Ground [m/s]. Default value is 3.0 m/s.Number
windDirectionwindDirection_Wind Direction (0:N..90:E..180:S..270:W..). Default value is 0.Number
roughnessroughness_Roughness Length z0 at Reference Point [m]. Default value is 0.01.Number
initialTemperatureinitialTemperature_Initial Temperature Atmosphere [°C]. Default value is 21 °C.Number
specificHumidityspecificHumidity_Specific Humidity in 2500 m [g Water/kg air]. Default value is 7.0.Number
relativeHumidityrelativeHumidity_Relative Humidity in 2m [%]. Default value is 50%.Number


mainSettingsmainSettingsBasic settings of SIMX file. Connect it to DF Enviment Config.Goo

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