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Adds an additional LIN movement at the beginning and/or at the end of a list of robot movement commands. The LIN movement will be offset according to the cartesian XYZ values.


KUKA|prc CommandCMDS1 KUKA|prc LIN/PTP/CIR/SPL movement commands is required to offset the toolpath by Cartesian values.CommandData
Cartesian XXX Value for Cartesian OffsetNumber
Cartesian YYY Value for Cartesian OffsetNumber
Cartesian ZZZ Value for Cartesian OffsetNumber
Offset StartSTARTIf enabled offset first pointBoolean
Offset EndENDIf enabled offset last pointBoolean
Offset SpeedOFFSET VEL(Optional) The speed in m/sec to move to the first position at the start, and the last offset position in the end. Set the regular process speed via the movement component's speed input.Number


KUKA|prc CommandCMDSList of KUKA|prc Commands with offset start and/or end position.CommandData

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