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01 | Core
02 | Virtual Robot
03 | Virtual Tool
04 | Toolpath Utilities
05 | Utilities


KUKA|prc core component containing all core functionality such as simulation and code generation. Provide a slider from 0.0-1.0 for controlling the simulation, a series of robot commands as well as a robot definition. Optionally provide a tool definition and geometry for collision checking. Access the settings by right-clicking the component.


Simulation SliderSIMNumber slider ranging from 0.0 to 1.0 for controlling the simulation position. The values are normalized in that range, taking the movement speed and calculated total time into account.PRCNumber
KUKA|prc CommandsCMDSA series of KUKA|prc Commands (e.g. LINear, PTP, AXIS movements) that define the robot's toolpath.CommandData
ToolTOOLOptional. Tool definition providing the properties and geometry of the attached tool. If no tool is connected, the simulation will assume a tool number of 0 and 0,0,0,0,0,0 as XYZABC values.ToolData
RobotROBOTRobot definition providing the kinematic properties and geometry of the robot.RobotData
Collision GeometryCOLLISIONOptional. A series of meshes that define collision geometry. Enable collision checking in the KUKA|prc settings. Note that collision checking has got a large, negative impact on KUKA|prc performance.Mesh


Robot GeometryGEOA datatree containing geometry for visualization. Branch 0 contains meshes, branch 1 the relevant colors and branch 2 the curves. Bake it or connect it to a Custom Preview component e.g. for visualization and rendering.Goo
Analysis OutputANALYSISIn-depth access to the simulation values is provided through the separate KUKA|prc Analysis component. Provided only to members of the Association for Robots in Architecture. Enable it via the Settings window.AnalysisData

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