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GeomGym IFC

ADDON. Version Released on 2022-Feb-08. Provides 378 components. Created by Geometry Gym Pty Ltd. Features 38 video tutorials.
OpenBIM addon for Rhino and Grasshopper enabling IFC (Industry Foundation Class) model to be generated and exchanged to ArchiCAD, Revit, Bently, Tekla and any other BIM software with IFC capability.
Attributes Common
Element Building Types
Elements Building
Elements Services
Elements Structure


Delete Product
Delete IFC Product
Find relating from Decomposition
Find Ifc Entity
Find IFC Entity by name from list of objects
Find Product
Find IFC Product
Find Property
Find IFC Property
Find Property Set
Find IFC Property Set
Decompose Aligment
IFC Decompose Alignment
Decompose Beam
IFC Decompose Beam
Decompose Boolean Result
IFC Decompose Building Result
Decompose Building
IFC Decompose Building
Decompose Building Storey
IFC Decompose Building Storey
Decompose Column
IFC Decompose Column
Decompose Context
IFC Decompose Context
Decompose Door
IFC Decompose Door
Decompose Element Quantity
IFC Decompose Element Quantities
Decompose Element Type
IFC Decompose Element Type
Extract Objects from IFC Entity
Decompose Extruded Area Solid
IFC Decompose Extruded Area Solid
Decompose Ifc Geometric Set
IFC Decompose GeometricSet
Decompose Grid
IFC Decompose Grid
Decompose Group
IFC Decompose Group
Get Keyword
Get Keyword of Ifc Instance
Decompose Mapped Item
IFC Decompose Mapped Item
Decompose Ifc Material
Decompose IfcMaterial
Decompose Ifc Material Layer
Decompose IfcMaterialLayer
Decompose Ifc Material Profile
Decompose IfcMaterialProfile
Decompose Ifc Material Profile Set
Decompose IfcMaterialProfileSet
Decompose Ifc Material Profile Set Usage
Decompose IfcMaterialProfileSetUsage
Decompose Member
IFC Decompose Member
Decompose Object Definition
IFC Decompose Object Definition
Decompose Object Type Of
IFC Decompose Object Type Of
Decompose Opening Element
IFC Decompose Opening Element
Decompose Port
IFC Decompose Port
Decompose Product
IFC Decompose Product
Object Bounding Box
IfcObject BoundingBox
Product Dectect Sweep
Detect underlying sweep rep of IfcProduct
Product Get Geometry
IFC Product Get Geometry
Decompose Product Representation
IFC Decompose Product Representation
Decompose Profile Def
IFC Decompose ProfileDef
Decompose Project
IFC Decompose Project
Decompose Property Set
IFC Decompose PropertySet
Decompose Property Single Value
IFC Decompose PropertySingleValue
Decompose Simple Quantity
IFC Decompose SimpleQuantity
Decompose Ifc Rel Associates
IFC Decompose RelAssociates
Decompose Representation
IFC Decompose Representation
Decompose Representation Map
IFC Decompose Representation Map
Get Set By Name
Get set of entities by Name
Decompose Site
IFC Decompose Site
Decompose Slab
IFC Decompose Slab
Decompose Space
IFC Decompose Space
Decompose Structural Analysis Model
IFC Decompose Structural Analysis Model
Decompose Structural Load Group
IFC Decompose Structural Load Group
Decompose Swept Area Solid
IFC Decompose Swept Area Solid
Get JSON of Ifc Instance
Get XML of Ifc Instance
Decompose Type Product
IFC Decompose TypeProduct
Decompose Wall
IFC Decompose Wall
Decompose Window
IFC Decompose Window
Decompose Work Control
IFC Decompose Work Control
Remove Product Rep
Remove Product Representation


Advanced Brep
Create IFC Advanced Brep
Boolean Difference
Create IFC Boolean Difference
Boolean Intersection
Create IFC Boolean Intersection
Boolean Union
Create IFC Boolean Union
Create IFC Bounded Curve
Bounding Box
Create IFC BoundingBox
Connected Face Set List Faces
Create IFC Connected Face set (similar to Rhino Mesh)
Csg Solid
Create IfcCsgSolid
Curve Bounded Plane
Create IFC Curve Bounded Plane
Curve Style
Create IFC Curve Style
Edge Curve
Create IFC Edge Curve
Extruded Area Solid
Create Ifc Extruded Area Solid
Extruded Area Solid CL
Create IFC Extruded Area Solid each way from Planar Perimeter
Extruded Area Solid Tapered
Create Ifc Extruded Area Solid Tapered
Create IFC Face
Face Based Surface Model
Create IFC Face Based Surface Model (similar to Rhino Mesh)
Faceted Brep
Create IFC Faceted Brep
Fill Area Style
Create IfcFillAreaStyle
Fixed Reference Swept Area Solid
Create IFC Fixed Reference Swept Area Solid
Geometric Set
Create IFC Geometric Set
Half Spaced Solid
Create IFC Half Spaced Solid for boolean operations
Mapped Item
Create IFC MappedItem
Create IFC Plane
Create IFC Point
Point On Curve
Create IFC Point On Curve
Presentation Layer With Style
Create IFC Presentation Layer With Style
Revolved Solid
Create IFC Revolved Area Solid
Create IFC Cylinder
Sectioned Spine Profiles
Create IFC Sectioned Spine. Similar to a loft in Rhino. IFC does not stipulate surface interpolation between section profiles and is determined by software implementation which may differ.
Sectioned Spine
Create IFC Sectioned Spine. Similar to a loft in Rhino. IFC does not stipulate surface interpolation between section profiles and is determined by software implementation which may differ.
Sectioned Spine (Swept Blend)
Create IFC Sectioned Spine similar to a swept blend in Revit. IFC does not stipulate surface interpolation between section profiles and is determined by software implementation which may differ.
Shape Representation
Create IfcShapeRepresentation
Create IFC Shell
Solid Model
Create IFC Solid Model with Mesh Settings
Solid Model Mesh
Create IFC Solid Model with input Mesh Settings
Create IFC Sphere
Styled Item
Create IfcStyledItem
Surface Of Extrusion
Create IFC SurfaceOfExtrusion
Surface of Revolution
Create IFC Surface of Revolution
Surface Style
Create IFC Surface Style
Surface Style Refraction
Create IFC Surface Style Refraction
Surface Style Shading
Create IFC Surface Style Shading
Swept Area
Create IFC Swept Area
Swept Area Solid
Create IFC Swept Area Solid
Swept Disk
Create IFC Swept Disk Solid
Tessellated Face Set
Create Topological IFC Tessellated Face set (similar to Mesh)
Vertex Point
Create IFC Vertex Point
Weld Prep B
Create Weld Prep
Create Weld Prep Double Sided Partial Penetration Butt Weld
Create Weld Prep Single Sided Partial Penetration Butt Weld
Presentation Layer
Create IFC Presentation Layer Assignment


Property Set Add Property
Add an IfcProperty to an IfcPropertySet
Area Measure
Create IFC Area Measure
Create IFC Boolean
Create IFC classification
Classification Reference
Create IfcClassificationReference
Compound Plane Angle
Create IFC CompoundPlaneAngle
Count Measure
Create IFC Count Measure
Element Quantity
Create IFC ElementQuantity
Create IfcIdentifier
Create IFC Integer
Create IfcLabel
Create IFC Logical
Measure With Unit
Create IFC Measure With Unit
Normalised Ratio Measure
Create IfcNormalisedRatioMeasure
Physical Quantity
Create IFC PhysicalQuantity
Positive Length Measure
Create IFC Positive Length Measure
Pressure Measure
Create IFC Pressure Measure
Property Bounded Value
Create IFC Property Bounded Value
Property Set
Create IFC PropertySet
Property Set Template
Create IFC PropertySet Template
Property Single Value
Create IFC PropertySingleValue
Quantitive Property Set
Create IFC QuantitivePropertySet
Ratio Measure
Create IfcRatioMeasure
Create IFC Real Number
Rel Defines By Template
Create IfcRelDefinesByTemplate
Ifc Simple Property Template
Create IfcSimplePropertyTemplate
SI Unit
Create IfcSIUnit
Create IfcText
Time Measure
Create IFC Time Measure
Create IfcURIReference
Volume Measure
Create IFC Volume Measure
Assign Properties
Assign IFC Properties
Conversion Unit
Create IfconversionBasedUnit
Ifc External Reference Relationship
Rel Assigns Group
Assigns to Group
Rel Assigns Product
Assigns to Product
Rel Declares
Definitions Declared
Rel Nests
Nested Objects
Import Classification
Import IfcClassification
Time In Seconds
Create IFC TimeInSeconds


Global Id Pool
Nominate GlobalId Pool
Model To String
IFC Model to String
Specific Bake
Create IFC Stream Bake of specific products
Stream Bake
Create IFC Stream Bake
Create IFC Stream
Assign To Group
Create IFC Building
Building Common Props
Create IFC Building Common Properties
Building Storey
Create IFC Building Storey
Building System
Create IfcBuildingSystem
Document Information
Create IfcDocumentReference
Document Reference
Create IfcDocumentReference
External Reference Relationship
Create IfcExternalReferenceRelationship
Create IFC Grid
Create IfcGroup
Library Reference
Create IfcLibraryReference
Local Placement
Create IfcLocalPlacement
Map Conversion
Create IfcMapConversion
Material Definition Representation
Create IfcMaterialDefinitionRepresentation
Create IFC Project, Only one Project should be generated in each Grasshopper document
Projected CRS
Create IfcProjectedCRS
Project Library
Create IfcProjectLibrary, Only one Project should be generated in each Grasshopper document
Create IFC Site
Create IFC Space
Space Common Props
Create IFC Space Common Properties
Space Occ Req Props
Create IFC Space Occupancy Requirement Properties concerning work activities occurring or expected to occur within one or a set of similar spatial structure elements.
Space Therm Req Props
Create IFC Space Thermal Requirement Properties related to the comfort requirements for thermal and other thermal related performance properties of spaces that apply to the occurrences of IfcSpace, IfcSpatialZone or IfcZone
Space Type
Create IFC Space Type
Create IFC Zone
Plane NE
Create a plane from Northings, Eastings and elevation
Associate Classification
Associate IfcClassification
Associate Document
Associate IfcDocument
Associate Material
Associate IfcMaterial
Import IFC Data
Read File
Read IFC File Data

Element Building Types

Beam Common Properties
Create IFC Beam Common Properties
Beam Type
Create IFC Beam Type
Building Element Part Type
Create IFC Building Element Part Type
Building Element Proxy Type
Create IFC Building Element Proxy Type
Column Type
Create IFC Column Type
Covering Type
Create IfcCoveringType
Curtain Wall Common Properties
Create IFC CurtainWall Common Properties
Curtain Wall Type
Create IFC Curtain Wall Type
Door Common Properties
Create IFC Door Common Properties
Door Lining Props
Create IFC Door Lining Properties
Door Panel Properties
Create IFC Door Panel Properties
Door Type
Create IFC Door Type
Door Window Glazing Common Props
Create IFC Door Window Glazing Type Common Properties
Door Window Shading Common Props
Create IFC Door Window Shading Type Common Properties
Footing Type
Create IFC Footing Type
Member Type
Create IFC Member Type
Pile Type
Create IFC Pile Type
Plate Common Properties
Create IFC Plate Common Properties
Plate Type
Create IFC Plate Type
Railing Type
Create IFC Railing Type
Roof Type
Create IFC Roof Type IFC4 ONLY
Shading Device Type
Create IFC Shading Device Type
Slab Common Properties
Create IFC Slab Common Properties
Slab Type
Create IFC Slab Type
Stair Flight Type
Create IFC Flight Stair Type
Stair Type
Create IFC Stair Type
Wall Common Props
Create IFC Wall Common Properties
Wall Type
Create IFC Wall Type
Window Lining Props
Create IFC Window Lining Properties
Window Mat Props
Create IFC Window Material Properties
Window Panel Props
Create IFC Window Panel Properties
Window Type
Create IFC Window Type
Window Type Quantities
Create IFC Window Type Quantities

Elements Services

Connect Distribution
Connect Distribution Elements
Actuator Type
Create IFC Actuator Type
Air Terminal Element
Create IFC Air Terminal Element
Alarm Type
Create IFC Alarm Type
Burner Type
Create IFC Burner Type
Cable Carrier Segment Type
Create IFC Cable Carrier Segment Type
Cable Segment Type
Create IFC Cable Segment Type
Controller Type
Create IFC Controller Type
Distribution Port
Create IFC DistributionPort
Distribution System
Create IfcDistributionSystem
Duct Fitting Type
Create IFC Duct Fitting Type
Duct Segment Type
Create IFC Duct Segment Type
Electric Appliance Element
Create IFC Electric Appliance Element
Fire Suppression Terminal Type
Create IFC Fire Suppression Terminal Type
Create IFC Fitting
Flow Elements
Create IFC Flow Elements
Flow Instrument Type
Create IFC Flow Instrument Type
Flow Segment
Create IFC Flow Segment including Cable, CableCarrier, Duct and Pipe
Lamp Element
Create IFC Lamp Element
Light Fixture Type
Create IFC Light Fixture Type
Create IFC Outlet
Pipe Bend Fitting Type
Create IFC Pipe Bend Fitting Type
Pipe Connector Fitting Type
Create IFC Pipe Connector Fitting Type
Pipe Segment Common Properties
Create IFC Pipe Segment Common Properties
Pipe Segment Type
Create IFC Pipe Segment Type
Sanitary Terminal
Create IFC Sanitary Terminal
Sanitary Terminal Type
Create IFC Sanitary Terminal Type
Sensor Type
Create IFC Sensor Type
Stack Terminal
Create IFC Stack Terminal
Transport Element
Create IFC Transport Element
Waste Terminal
Create IFC Waste Terminal


Assemble Part
Assemble Part
Assign Named View
Assign a Rhino Named View to a ViewPort at a Particular Stage
Actor Role
Create IFC Actor Role
Cost Schedule
Create IFC Cost Schedule
Cost Value
Create IFC Cost Value
Create IFC Duration
Duration Precise
Create IFC Duration Precise
Lag Time
Create IFC Lag Time
Create IfcOrganization
Create IFC Person
Process Precedence
Create IFC Process Precedence
Recurrence Pattern
Create IFC Recurrence Pattern
Rel Assigns To Process
Create IfcRelAssignsToProcess
Rel Sequence
Create IFC RelSequence
Start and Finish Times
Create IFC Start Finish Time
Create IFC Task
Task Time
Create IFC Task Time
Task Time Duration
Create IFC Task Time Duration
Task Type
Create IFC Task Type
Time Period
Create IFC Time Period
Work Calendar
Create IFC Work Calendar
Work Plan
Create IFC Work Plan
Work Schedule
Create IFC Work Schedule
Work Time
Create IFC Work Time
Create Page Views From Parts
Create Page Views from list of Parts
Dimension Style
Identify Dimension Style
Page Text
Define Page Text
Stage View Port
Create Stage ViewPort
Text Dot
Define TextDot


Cardinal Point
Generate IFC Cardinal Point
Circle(Hollow)Profile Def
Create IFC Circle (Hollow if thickness nominated) Profile Def
Colour RGB
Create IfcColourRGB
Composite Profile Def
Create IFC Composite Profile Def
CProfile Def
Create IFC C Profile Def
Door Window Material Set
Create Door/Window IFC Material Constituent Set
Ext Hatch
Create IfcExternallyDefinedHatchStyle
IProfile Def
Create IFC I Profile Def
LProfile Def
Create IFC L Profile Def
Create IFC Material
Mat Comm Props
Create IFC Material Common Properties
Material Constituent
Create IFC Material Constituent
Material Constituent Set
Create IFC Material Constituent Set
Material Layer
Create IFC Material Layer
Material Layer Set
Create IFC Material Layer Set
Mat Mech Props
Create IFC Material Mechanical Properties
Material Profile
Create IFC Material Profile, not all characeristics will be utilized in IFC2x3
Material Profile Set
Create IFC Material Profile Set, IFC4 only
Material Profile Set Tapering
Create IFC Material Profile Set Tapering, IFC4 only
Mat Props
Create IFC Material Properties
Steel Common Props
A set of extended mechanical properties related to steel (or other metallic and isotropic) materials.
Profile Def
Create IFC Profile Def
Rect(Hollow)Profile Def
Create IFC Rectangle (Hollow if thickness nominated) Profile Def
TProfile Def
Create IFC T Profile Def
UProfile Def
Create IFC U Channel Profile Def
Assign Material
Assign IFC Materials


Curve Based Element
Create IFC Element from IfcElementType with IfcMaterialProfile assigned
Element Parameters
Create IFC Element Primary Parameters
Element Type
Create IFC Element Type, right click on component for context menu to nominate type
Fills Opening
Create IFC Fills
Furniture Type
Create IFC Furniture Type
Geographic Element Type
Create IFC Geographic Element Type
Create Element
Create relocated/mapped IFC Element from a product type
Opening Element
Create IFC Opening Element
Create IfcElement
Representation Map
Create IFC RepresentationMap
Shape Aspect
Create IfcShapeAspect
Type Product
Create IfcTypeProduct
Voiding Feature
Create IFC Voiding Feature
Convert GUID
Convert GUID to IFC Format
Decode Global Id
Decode IfcGloballyUniqueId to GUID
Create IFC Global ID, use this component carefully to not use a unique identifier multiple times. Duplicating this component (Cut/Copy and Paste) will generate a new set of ids
Set GUID to IfcRoot based Object
Modify Element
Modify IFC Element Type


Curve Memb End Params
Create Structural Curve Member End Parameters
Curve Memb Params
Create Structural Curve Member Parameters
Boundary Node Condition
Create IFC BoundaryNodeCondition
Mesh To Finite Elem
Create IFC StructuralSurfaceMembers from Mesh
Create Structural Load Case
Create Structural Load Case
Create Structural Load Linear
Create Structural Load Linear
Create Structural Planar Load
Create Structural Planar Load
Create Structural Point Load
Create Structural Point Load
Structural Point
Create IFC StructuralPoint
Surface Memb Params
Create Structural Surface Member Parameters
Define Curve Memb
Define Structural Curve Member
Define Surface Memb
Define Structural Surface Member
Detect Struct Analysis Filter
IFC Elemnt filter for detecting IFC Structural Analysis Model
Detect Struct Analysis Options
Options for detection IFC Structural Analysis
Detect Structural Analysis
Detect IFC StructuralAnalysis Data
Structural Analysis Model
Extract IFC StructuralAnalysisModel
Load Case Params
Load Case Params

Elements Building

Beam Standard Case
Create IFC Beam Standard Case
Column Standard Case
Create IFC Column Standard Case
Create IfcCovering
Curtain Wall
Create IFC Curtain Wall
Curtain Wall Adapt Comp
Create IFC Curtain Wall Adaptive Component
Door Standard Case
Create IFC Door Standard Case
Member Standard Case
Create IFC Member Standard Case
Pile Standard Case
Create IFC Pile Standard Case
Plate Standard Case
Create IFC Plate Standard Case
Plate Standard Case CL
Create IFC Plate Standard Case Centreline
Railing Standard Case
Create IFC Railing Standard Case
Roof Standard Case
Create IFC Roof Standard Case
Slab Standard Case
Create IFC Slab Standard Case
Wall Standard Case
Create IFC Wall Standard Case
Window Standard Case
Create IFC Window Standard Case

Attributes Common

Pset Manufacturer Type Information
Create Ifc Pset_ManufacturerTypeInformation
Pset Slab Common
Create IFC Pset_SlabCommon
Pset Space Common
Create IFC Pset_SpaceCommon
Pset Space Thermal Requirements
Create IFC Pset_SpaceThermalRequirements
Pset Wall Common
Create IFC Pset_WallCommon
Pset Window Common
Create IFC Pset_WindowCommon
Qto Beam Base Quantities
Create IFC Qto_BeamBaseQuantities
Qto Column Base Quantities
Create IFC Qto_ColumnBaseQuantities
Qto Slab Base Quantities
Create IFC Qto_SlabBaseQuantities
Qto Space Base Quantities
Create IFC Qto_SpaceBaseQuantities
Qto Wall Base Quantities
Create IFC Qto_WallBaseQuantities
Qto Window Base Quantities
Create IFC Qto_WindowBaseQuantities

Elements Structure

Discrete Accessory Type
Create IFC Discrete Accessory Type
Element Assembly
Create IFC Element Assembly
Element Assembly Type
Create IFC Element Assembly Type
Fastener Weld Properties
Create IFC Fastener Weld Properties
Fastener Bolt Properties
Create IFC Fastener Bolt Properties
Mechanical Fastener Type
Create IFC MechanicalFastener Type
Reinforcing Bar
Create IFC Reinforcing Bar
Reinforcing Bar Property
Create IFC Reinforcing Bar Property


Horiz Align
Create Ifc Horizontal Alignment
Align Curve
Create Ifc Alignment Curve
Ifc Alignment
Create IfcAlignment

Video Tutorials

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