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Create IFC Building Common Properties


ReferenceRReference ID for this specified type in this project (e.g. type 'A-1')String
BuildingIDIA unique identifier assigned to a building. A temporary identifier is initially assigned at the time of making a planning application. This temporary identifier is changed to a permanent identifier when the building is registered into a statutory buildings and properties database.String
IsPermanentIDPIndicates whether the identity assigned to a building is permanent or temporary.Boolean
ConstructionMethodMThe type of construction action to the building, the project deals with, e.g. new construction, renovation, refurbishment, etc.String
FireProtectionClassFMain fire protection class for the building which is assigned from the fire protection classification table as given by the relevant national building code.String
SprinklerProtectionSThermal transmittance coefficient (U-Value) of a material. Here the total thermal transmittance coefficient through the slab (including all materials).Indication whether this object is sprinkler protected or not.Boolean
SprinklerProtectionAutomaticAIndication whether this object has an automatic sprinkler protection or not.Boolean
OccupancyTypeOOccupancy type for this object. It is defined according to the presiding national building code.String
GrossPlannedAreaGTotal planned gross area for the building Used for programming the building.Number
NetPlannedAreaNTotal planned net area for the building Used for programming the building.Number
NumberOfStoreysSThe number of storeys within a building. Captured for those cases where the IfcBuildingStorey entity is not used. Note that if IfcBuilingStorey is asserted and the number of storeys in a building can be determined from it, then this approach should be used in preference to setting a property for the number of storeys.Integer
YearOfConstructionCYear of construction of this building, including expected year of completion.String
YearOfLastRefurbishmentRYear of last major refurbishment, or reconstruction, of the building (applies to reconstruction works).String
IsLandmarkedLThis builing is listed as a historic building, or not, or unknown.Integer
Area UnitsUArea UnitsInteger


IFCBuildingCommonPSetPIFC Building Common Property SetGoo

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