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Use this component to exlode an epw location to its parts: locationName, latitude, longitude, timeZone, elevation.
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Location_locationAn .epw file location: joined string containing information about location's components: locationName, latitude, longitude, timeZone and elevation.Goo


Location NamelocationNameA name of the location. - If nothing added to this input, "unknown location" will be used as default locationName_.Goo
LatitudelatitudeLocation's latitude coordinate. It ranges from -90 for locations south of equator, to 90 for locations above the equator.Goo
LongitudelongitudeLocation's longitude coordinate. It ranges from -180 for locations west of Prime Meridian, to 180 for locations east of Prime Meridian.Goo
Time ZonetimeZoneThe time zone of the location.Goo
ElevationelevationElevation (Altitude) height of the .epw location. - In meters.Goo

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