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This component contains all Gismo classes. Other Gismo components are being run by referencing these classes.
So in order for any other Gismo component to work, you need to run this component first. If this component is ran successfully you will hear the Gismo penquin peeping!!
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Map FoldermapFolder_Optional folder path for MapWinGIS installation folder. - Most of Gismo's components require MapWinGIS application being installed. If you did that, Gismo Gismo component will automatically find your MapWinGIS installation folder. However sometimes Gismo Gismo component will fail to find your MapWinGIS installation folder. In that case you need to input it manually by adding it to the mapFolder_ input.Goo
Gismo FoldergismoFolder_Optional folder path for Gismo working folder. - If nothing is supplied to this input, then gismoFolder_ will be set to: "c:\gismo" by default.Goo


OutreadMe!This output will inform whether the component has been successfully ran or not.String

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