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[Gismo welcomes new developers. Even a single new component can benefit and make Gismo a better plugin.]
[New components are welcome as long as they follow the code template.]
[This component provides the code template for possible new Gismo component which calculates the distance between a point ("_point" input) and a sphere.]
[There will be explanations of parts of code, like how to check inputs, how to create a title, a legend... Explanations are written in square brackets. For example: [this is explanation].]
[Rhinoscriptsyntax is used as more friendly, but you can also write directly in RhinoCommon, if you want to. Still rhinoscriptsyntax is fine.]
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Point_pointA reference point which will be used to measure the distance from it to a sphere. [This is a required input. All required inputs, have an underscore on the left side of its name]Goo
Sphere Center_sphereCenterA point representing the center of a sphere. [This is a required input too: it has an underscore on the left side of its name]Goo
Sphere RadiussphereRadius_A number which defines the radius of the sphere. [This is an optinal input. It has an underscore on the right side of its name] - If nothing added to this input, shpereRadius_ will be set to: 10 by default.Goo
Legend Bake ParlegendBakePar_Optional legend parameters from the Gismo "Legend Bake Parameters" component. Use this input to control the look of the "legend" and "title" outputs. And the colors of the "sphere" output. [This is an optinal input. It has an underscore on the right side of its name]Goo
______________Script variable LocationToXYGoo
Bake ItbakeIt_Set to "True" to bake the shapes geometry into the Rhino scene. - If not supplied default value "False" will be used.Goo
Run It_runIt... [This input runs the component. It is used in cases when component is a bit heavier to run. For example: it take a couple of seconds for the component to run.] [If component runs quicker than that, then you do not even need this input.]Goo


OutreadMe!... [This output is used for debugging. It shows the error message in case something is wrong with the component.]String
DistancesdistancesA list of distances between the _point and a sphere. - In Rhino document units (meters, feets...).Goo
SpheresphereA sphere created from "_sphereCenter" and "shpereRadius_" inputs. The sphere is colored in a way that colors correspond to distances between the sphere and _point input.Goo
TitletitleFinal geometry title. You can change it by using the "legendBakePar_" input (and Gismo "Legend Bake Parameters" component).Goo
LegendlegendA legend corresponding to distances between the _point and a sphere.Goo

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