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Use this component to create 3d roofs geometry.
They can be created in two ways:
1) If there is a valid value (not equal to "") for the "roof:shape=hipped" and "roof:angle" key, then the 3d roof will be created according to this angle.
2) If this value is lacking (equal to ""), then pitched, hipped roof can be created with random angle. Or parapet wall for flat roof, with random height. This requires a domain to be added to the "randomRange_" input.
If neither of these two ways are fulfilled, then no creation of 3d roof will be performed.
Component is experimental! In some cases the pitched roof may fail to be created, or it may create an invalid roof geometry!
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Three Dee Shapes_threeDeeShapesPlug in the shapes from the Gismo OSM 3D "threeDeeShapes" outputGoo
Three Dee Keys_threeDeeKeysPlug in the keys from the Gismo OSM 3D "threeDeeKeys" output.Goo
Three Dee Values_threeDeeValuesPlug in the values from the Gismo OSM 3D "threeDeeValues" output.Goo
________________Script variable OSM3DGoo
Random RangerandomRange_This input can be useful if supplied "_threeDeeShapes" do not contain valid values for "roof:shape" and "roof:angle" keys. If they still contain any "building" key with valid value, then the input be used to create a 3d roof, by using a random value. So to randomly create 3d roof shapes, just supply the "Construct Domain" to the randomRange_ input. For example, input the "Construct Domain" component by using "20" and "30" as its starting and ending domain values. The shape of the random roof will depend on the value defined in "roofType_" input. If "roofType_" = 0, then this input would threat the values as height in Rhino document units. If "roofType_" = 1, then this input would threat the values as degrees. - If nothing supplied, no random 3d roofs will be applied. - Domain in degrees or Rhino document units (meters, feets...).Goo
Roof TyperoofType_There are two roof geometric types: 0 - flat, parapet wall 1 - pitched, hipped roof - If nothing supplied, the default type 1 type (pitched, hipped roof) will be used. - Integer.Goo
________________Script variable PythonGoo
Bake ItbakeIt_Set to "True" to bake the 3d roof geometry into the Rhino scene. The geometry will be grouped. To ungroup it, select it and call the "Ungroup" Rhino command. - If not supplied default value "False" will be used.Goo
Run It_runIt...Goo


Three Dee RoofthreeDeeRoofGenerated 3d roofs from the inputted "_threeDeeRoof". - This output is experimental! In some cases the pitched roof may fail to be created, or it may create an invalid roof geometry!Goo
Three Dee Roof KeysthreeDeeRoofKeysA list of keys. This output is the same as "keys" output of "OSM 3D" component.Goo
Three Dee Roof ValuesthreeDeeRoofValuesValues corresponding to each shape in "threeDeeRoof" output.Goo
Angle Or HeightangleOrHeightThe angle or height of each 3d roof from the "threeDeeRoof" output. - In Rhino document units (meters, feets...) or degrees.Goo

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