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A lot of times the items coming from the "values" output of OSM components may have empty data ().
Use this component to clean all that empty data, or to replace it with some other value.
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Shapes_shapesShapes data tree. Connect the "shapes" or "threeDeeShapes" or "foundShapes" output of some of the Gismo OSM components to this component's "_shapes" input."Goo
Values Per Key_valuesPerKeyValues data tree. Connect the \"values\" output for particular key of some of the Gismo components to this input. To do that, use the "List Item" component and add the "values" output to its "L" input. Also Set its "index" input to correspond to the specific key you are looking for. Then plug the "i" ("item") ouput to this component's "_valuesPerKey" input.Goo
____________Script variable CleanValuesGoo
Replace ValuereplaceValue_If a value from the "_valuesPerKey" input is invalid (equals to ;empty;), then replace it with some number/text added to this input. If nothing is added to this input, then in case the value is invalid, it will simply be removed. - Optionally add a number or a text.Goo
Convert To NumconvertToNum_Optional input to determine if each of the data added to the "_valuesPerKey" input will be converted to a number or not. This is useful as data coming from "values" outputs of Gismo OSM components is always a text (string) even though it may look like it is numeric. - If nothing is added to this input, default value of "False" will be used. - Boolean value ("True" or "False").Goo


Cleaned ShapescleanedShapesCleaned "_shapes" input.Goo
Cleaned ValuescleanedValuesCleaned "_valuesPerKey" input.Goo
Culling PatterncullingPatternThis ouput shows if an item from the "_valuesPerKey" input is valid or not (invalid items are labeled as: ;empty;). - If the item is valid, "True" will be generated. If it isn't valid, "False" will be generated.Goo

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