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Use this component to create a horizon file (.hor) and visualize horizon angles.
Component based on:
"Solmetric SunEye 210 User’s Guide", Solmetric Corporation, 2011
"PVsyst 6 Help", PVsyst SA
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Location_locationThe output from the "importEPW" or "constructLocation" component. This is essentially a list of text summarizing a location on the Earth. - "timeZone" and "elevation" data from the location, are not important for this component.Goo
Analysis Geometry_analysisGeometryInput surface(a) or point(b) (a single one or more of them). - a) Input planar Surface (not polysurface) on which the PV modules/Solar water heating collectors will be applied. If you have a polysurface, explode it (using "Deconstruct Brep" component) and then feed its Faces(F) output to _analysisGeometry. Surface normal should be faced towards the sun. - b) You can also supply point(s). For example the "originPt" output from "Terrain shading mask" component.Goo
Context_contextInput the "terrainShadingMask" output from "Terrain shading mask" component. You can additionally input other opaque obstacles surrounding your location: houses, buildings etc. Do not input trees, as they are not opaque obstacles and should not be taken into account when analysing the horizon angles.Goo
Northnorth_Input a vector to be used as a true North direction, or a number between 0 and 360 that represents the clockwise degrees off from the Y-axis. - If not supplied, default North direction will be set to the Y-axis (0 degrees).Goo
Scalescale_Scale of the overall geometry (horizonAnglesRose mesh, compassCrvs, title, legend). - If not supplied, default value of 1 will be used.Goo
Legend Bake ParlegendBakePar_Optional legend bake parameters from the Gismo "Legend Parameters" component. - Use this input to change the color of the "horizonAnglesRose" output, or edit the "legend" and "title" outputs.Goo
Output Geometry IndexoutputGeometryIndex_An index of the surface or point inputted into "_analysisGeometry" if "_analysisGeometry" would be flattened.. It determines the surface or point for which output geometry will be generated. - If not supplied, geometry for the first surface (index: 0) will be generated as a default.Goo
_________________Script variable PythonGoo
Working FolderworkingFolder_Folder path where .hor files will be created (exported) - If not supplied, the following default Gismo folder path will be used: "C:\gismo\horizon_files".Goo
Horizon File TypehorizonFileType_The following .hor file types are supported: - 0 - Meteonorm 1 - PV*SOL 2 - PVsyst 5 and PVsyst 6 3 - PVsyst 4 - If software you intend to use your .hor file to, is not listed above, it's the best to use the horizonFileType 0 (Meteonorm). This type is universal and supported with most sun related applications. Though, it does lack the data about the location, coordinates, altitude etc. This type is also mandatory for both Meteonorm 6 and Meteonorm 7. - If not supplied 0 (Meteonorm 6 and Meteonorm 7) will be used by default.Goo
Export HorizonexportHorizon_Set to "True" to bake export(create) a .hor file. - If not supplied default value "False" will be used.Goo
_________________Script variable PythonGoo
Bake ItbakeIt_Set to "True" to bake the Horizon angles rose into the Rhino scene. - If not supplied default value "False" will be used.Goo
Run It_runIt...Goo


________________Script variable HorizonAnglesGoo
AzimuthsazimuthsAzimuth angles (directions) in range from 0 to 360 measured clockwise from true North. - In degrees.Goo
Horizon AngleshorizonAnglesHorizon (sky view) angles which correspond to each azimuth. - In degrees.Goo
Maximal AzimuthmaximalAzimuthDirection which corresponds to the maximalHorizonAngle below. - In degrees.Goo
Maximal Horizon AnglemaximalHorizonAngleMaximal horizon angle. - In degrees.Goo
________________Script variable PythonGoo
Horizon Angles RosehorizonAnglesRoseA mesh representing horizon angles for each azimuth.Goo
Compass CrvscompassCrvsCompass azimuth labels and curves.Goo
Origin PtoriginPtThe origin (center) point of the inputted "_context" geometry. It's basically equal to the "_origin" input. - Use this point to move "horizonAnglesRose", "compassCrvs" and "title" geometry around in the Rhino scene with grasshopper's "Move" component.Goo
TitletitleTitle geometry with information about location.Goo
LegendlegendLegend of the horizonAnglesRose.Goo
Legend PlanelegendPlaneLegend's starting plane, which can be used to move the "legend" geometry with grasshopper's "Move" component. - Connect this output to a Grasshopper's "Plane" parameter in order to preview the point in the Rhino scene.Goo

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