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Use this component to calculate the point in Rhino scene based on latitude and longitude coordinates (_location input).
For example: you created some building shapes with Gismo "OSM Shapes" component, and now you would like to check where among those shapes does particular latitude, longitude location lies.
Provided by Gismo 0.0.3


Location_locationA location (latitude,longitude coordinates) which is suppose to be projected in Rhino scene.Goo
Anchor LocationanchorLocation_Represents latitude,longitude coordinates which correspond to anchorOrigin_ in Rhino scene. - If nothing added to this input, anchorLocation_ with both latitude and longitude set to "0" will be used as a default.Goo
Anchor OriginanchorOrigin_A point in Rhino scene which corresponds to anchorLocation_. - If nothing added to this input, anchorOrigin will be set to: 0,0,0.Goo


PointpointA projected point in Rhino scene which coresponds to "_location" latitude and longitude coordinates. - In Rhino document units (meters, feets...).Goo

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