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3.Cross Section

Bidirectional Evolutionary Structural Optimization for beam structures.


ModelModelModel to be optimizedModel
Elem IdentifiersElemIdsList of identifiers of single elements that take part in the BESO procedure. By default the whole structure is included.Goo
LCasesLCasesList of load cases that are considered for BESOInteger
Target mass ratioTargetRatioTarget Ratio of remaining mass to initial mass of all elements that take part in the BESO.Number
Number of change iterationsMaxChangeIterMaximum number of iterations for constantly adding or removing elements in the structure. After that additional iterations (until nConvIter is reached) may follow to reach convergence.Integer
Number of convergence iterationsMaxConvIterMaximum number of iterations for reaching convergence during which elements can be added and removed.Integer
Group IdentifiersGroupIdsList of identifiers of groups of elements that take part in the BESO procedure and shall be switched on and off collectively. You can use the names of element sets and regular expressions for defining groups.String
Weighting factor for tensionWTensionWeighting factor for beams under tension.Number
Weighting factor for compressionWCompr.Weighting factor for beams under compression.Number
Weighting factor for shearWShearWeighting factor for beams under shear.Number
Weighting factor for momentsWMomentWeighting factor for beams under moments.Number
BESO FactorBESOFacAdd/remove n*(1+BESOFac) of the n currently active elements in one half-step. Remove/add n*BESOFac elements in the next half-step.Number
Minimum distance between changing elementsMinDistMinimum distance between elements changed in one step.Number
Relative weight limitWLimitLimit ratio between the weight of any active element to the mean weight of all active elements. Elements below that limit get removed after the last step.Number


Maximum displacement [cm]DispMaximum displacement [cm] of the model after BESO.Number
Optimized modelModelModel after BESO.Model
History of the BESOHistTree of boolean values: For each iteration a list of booleans signals for each element of the model whether it was on or off.Boolean
Element is activeIs activeList of boolean values corresponding to each element in the optimized model. True if the element is active.Boolean
Distribution of weightsWeightsBESO-weight of each active group in descending order.Number

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