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3.Cross Section

Returns results as lines painted on the shell mesh. The considered loadcase is that set at the nearest upstream ModelView-component.


Analyzed modelModelModel with calculated displacementsModel
Layer PositionLayerPosPosition on layer '0' for which stresses/strains shall be calculated. -1 designates the lower, +1 the upper side of the shell.Number
Global Force DirectionsForceDirsList of global directions of force for which flow lines shall be generated. Get projected to elements in case of curved shell geometry and then renders approximate results.Vector
Global Force Direction PositionForceDirPosList of points where force directions are given.The force direction selected for an element is equal to the direction closest to the element center.Vector
List of sources of force flow lines (Lines|Points)SourcesList of lines that intersect the shell or points close to it that define the source of a force flow line.Goo
Segment Length [m]Seg-LApproximate length of the segments of the stream lines [m]. A negative value means that only INT(-'Seg-L') segments are drawn.Number
dA [deg]dAApproximate maximum angle between the segments of the stream lines [deg].Number
Theta [deg]ThetaAngular deviation of displayed lines from flow lines [deg].Number


Analyzed modelModelAnalyzed modelModel
LinesLinesflow lines resulting from the superposition of load-cases as prescribed in the ModelView-component.Line

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