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3.Cross Section

Model View

Lets you inspect the current state of the model.
Plug it into the data pipeline in front of 'Beam View' or 'Shell View' to control the overall model display.


ModelModelModel to be viewedModel
Displacement DirectionDispDirInput a vector for specifying the direction of the displacement component to be displayed. Alternatively supply a plane to project the displacements on it. By default the resultant displacements are shown.Generic Data
Result-FactorsR-FactorsList of factors for scaling results of one or several result-cases. In case this is a list each factor is applied to the corresponding load-case. Select ---all--- in drop down list for load-cases to superimpose them.Number
Result-CaseResCaseThis number is added to the visible result-case index selected at the result-case drop-down-list of the ModelView-component. Setting the drop-down-list to '--all--' and RCIndex to 0 results in the first result-case to be visible. Add a 'ValueList'-component for easy selection or use 'Expand ValueLists' from the component's context menu.Integer
ColorsColorsThis list of colors is used for rendering colored meshes. The first color is used for values below the currently visible range. The last color is used for values above the currently visible range. All other colors are evenly distributed in the visible range. The minimum number of colors to be supplied is four.Colour
Element identifiers/BrepsIds|BrepsList of identifiers of elements which shall be displayed and/or Breps which define visibility via the element nodes inside them. By default all elements are displayed. In case identifiers and Breps are given only those elements are visible which fulfill both criteria.Generic Data


Deformed meshdefMeshMesh of deformed structureMesh
Deformed axesdefAxesAxes of deformed structure (if enabled - see 'Elements' check-box)Curve
Deformed modeldefModeldeformed Model with nodal displacements as displayedModel

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