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Use this component to visualize ENVI-Met v4.0 data. Connect "resultFileAddress" which comes from ENVI-Met reader.
Component mainly based on:


Base PointbasePoint_Input a point here to move ENVI-Met grid. If no input is provided it will be origin point.Goo
Result File Address_resultFileAddressOutput comes from "ENVI-Met Reader".Goo
Sel XY_selXY_Connect an integer to generate a XY section. Plug a panel to "readMe!" for more info. - Default value is 0.Goo
Sel XZselXZ_Connect an integer to generate a XZ section. Plug a panel to "readMe!" for more info.Goo
Sel YZselYZ_Connect an integer to generate a YZ section. Plug a panel to "readMe!" for more info.Goo
Legend ParlegendPar_Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug Legend Parameters component.Goo
Run It_runItSet to "True" to run the component and perform ENVI-Met data visualization.Goo


Analysis MeshanalysisMeshAnalysis grid of ENVI-Met (XY plane, ZX plane and ZY plane).Goo
Analysis ResultanalysisResultValues corrisponding to each analysis Grid.Goo
Test PointstestPointsTest points on grids.Goo
LegendlegendLegend geometry of ENVI-Met Grid.Goo
Title LabeltitleLabelTitle geometry with information about project name, location, and date.Goo

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