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Use this component to separate the text strings from the numbers in the climate data streams output from the Import EPW component.
You can then perform mathamatical functions on the numerical climate data using the Grasshopper math components or quickly preview the numerical data stream using the Grasshopper "Quick Graph" component.
This component can also be used generally to separate any data stream that contains both numbers and text strings.


Input List_inputListA list of data that contains both text srtings and numbers. For example, a data stream output from the Import EPW component.Goo


NumbersnumbersThe numbers from in the _inputList data. Note that the order of numbers in this list is the same as the _inputList.Goo
StringsstringsThe text strings from in the _inputList data. Note that the order of text strings in this list is the same as the _inputList.Goo

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