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Shading Parameters List

Use this component to generate shading depths, numbers of shades, horizontal or vertical boolean values, and shade angles for different cardinal directions to be plugged into the "Ladybug_Shading Designer" component or the "Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator".


North Shd Param_northShdParam_Shading parameter for north-facing glazing.Goo
West Shd Param_westShdParam_Shading parameter for west-facing glazing.Goo
South Shd Param_southShdParam_Shading parameter for south-facing glazing.Goo
East Shd Param_eastShdParam_Shading parameter for east-facing glazing.Goo


Shd Param ListshdParamListA list of shading parameters for different cardinal directions to be plugged into either the input of the "ShadingDesigner" component or the "Honeybee_EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator". Depending on the type of values that you input, these can go into either of these inputs: _depth, _numOfShds, _distBetween, _horOrVertical_, _shdAngle_.Goo

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