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Use this component to generate a plane that is oriented perpendicular to the active Rhino viewport camera direction and centered at an input _initPosition point.
This is useful for orienting geometry Grasshopper to the Rhino viewport camera, which may help in presenting certain Ladybug visualizations in Rhino.
Connect a Grasshopper "Timer" component to the refresh_ input of this component in order to get a real time update of the oriented plane based on the Rhino viewport camera direction.


Init Position_initPositionA point or list of points that will act as the origin9s0 of the plane(s) that will be generated.Goo
Refreshrefresh_Connect either a Grasshopper "button" component that will allow you to refresh the plane orientation upon hitting the button or a Grasshopper "Timer" component to see the plane update in real time as you navigate through the Rhino viewport.Goo


Oriented To CamorientedToCamA plane (or list of planes) for each _initPosition connected. All planes are oriented perpendicular to the active Rhino viewport camera direction and are centered at initPosition points.Goo

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