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Use this component to select a specific sky matrix (skyMxt) for an hour of the year or for an analysis period.


Cumulative Sky Mtx_cumulativeSkyMtxThe output from a GenCumulativeSkyMtx component.Goo
HOYHOY_An hour of the year or list of hours of the year for which you would like to select a sky. This must be a value between 1 and 8760.Goo
Analysis Period_analysisPeriod_An analysis period from Analysis Period component. This will override an input HOY (hour of the year).Goo
Remove DiffuseremoveDiffuse_Set to "True" if you want to remove the diffuse component of the selected sky.Goo
Remove DirectremoveDirect_Set to "True" if you want to remove the direct component of the selected sky.Goo


Selected Sky MtxselectedSkyMtxThe selected sky matrix (SkyMtx) for the input hour of the year or an analysis period.Goo

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