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Use this component to bake a clored mesh into the Rhino scene as a series of colored hatches. This is particularly useful if you are trying to export ladybug graphics from Rhino to vector-based programs like Inkscape or Illustrator.


Mesh_meshA colored mesh (or list of colored meshes) that you would like to bake into the Rhino scene as a series of colored hatches.Goo
Layer NamelayerName_Optional text for the layer name on which the hatch will be added.Goo
Visiblevisible_An optional boolean to set whether the layer that the hatch is baked on is visible. The default is set to True to have the hatch layer visible.Goo
Run It_runItSet to 'True' to run to run the component and bake the mesh into the scene as a series of hatches.Goo



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