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Twisted Box

Remap values with a custom graph using input curves.


CurvesCOne or multiple graph curves to graph map values withCurve
RectangleRRectangle which defines the boundary of the graph, graph curves should be atleast partially inside this boundaryRectangle
ValuesVValues to graph map. Values are plotted along the X Axis, intersected with the graph curves, then mapped to the Y AxisNumber
X AxisXDomain of the graphs X Axis, where the values get plotted (if omitted the input value lists domain bounds is used)Domain
Y AxisYDomain of the graphs Y Axis, where the values get mapped to (if omitted the input value lists domain bounds is used)Domain
FlipFFlip the graphs X Axis from the bottom of the graph to the top of the graphBoolean
SnapSResize the graph by snapping it to the extents of the graph curves, in the plane of the boundary rectangleBoolean
Text SizeTSize of the graph labelsNumber


MappedMResulting graph mapped values, mapped on the Y AxisNumber
Graph CurvesgCThe graph curves inside the boundary of the graphCurve
Graph PointsgPThe points on the graph curves where the X Axis input values intersectedPoint
Value LinesvLThe lines from the X Axis input values to the graph curvesLine
Value PointsvPThe points plotted on the X Axis which represent the input valuesPoint
Mapped LinesmLThe lines from the graph curves to the Y Axis graph mapped valuesLine
Mapped PointsmPThe points mapped on the Y Axis which represent the graph mapped valuesPoint
BoundaryBThe graph boundary background as a surfaceSurface
LabelsLThe graph labels as curve outlinesCurve
Out Of BoundsOTrue for input values outside of the X Axis domain bounds False for input values inside of the X Axis domain boundsBoolean
IntersectedITrue for input values on the X Axis which intersect a graph curve False for input values on the X Axis which do not intersect a graph curveBoolean

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