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Twisted Box

Cut a SubD with a plane, mirror the kept side of the cut across a mirror plane, and combine it with the kept side.

(*Rhino 7 only)


SubDSDSubD to mirror cutGoo
Mirror PlaneMPPlane that the kept side of the SubD cut gets mirrored acrossPlane
ReachRParts of the SubD within this distance from the mirror plane will be additionally cut awayNumber
OffsetODistance to offset the kept parts of the SubD from the mirror plane (or offset from the reach if reach in not zero)Number
FlipFFlip the mirror directionBoolean
JoinJJoin the mirror cut SubDBoolean
KeepKKeep the SubD and mirror it normally if it is mirror cut into non-existenceBoolean
Connection TypeTDetermines how the mirror cut SubDs are connected (0 = Split faces, with connection, 1 = Remove faces, with connection, 2 = Shrink faces, with connection, 3 = Split faces, without connection, 4 = Remove faces, without connection, 5 = Shrink faces, without connection)Integer
BulgeBBulge factor for the mirror cut SubD connections (-B = Negative Bulge, 0.0 = No Bulge, +B = Positive Bulge)Number
DivisionsDNumber of SubD edge loop divisions per side of the SubD connectionInteger
Weld VerticesWWeld SubD vertices that are within a specified proximity of eachother (0.0 = No weld, Number greater than 0 = Weld vertices within proximity of the number)Number
Crease TypeCrDetermines how SubDs are creased (0 = None, 1 = At Creases, 2 = At Edges)Integer
Corner TypeCoDetermines how SubDs are cornered (0 = None, 1 = At Corners)Integer
Interpolate VerticesIvIf True, SubDs are interpolated through their control polygon verticesBoolean


Mirror CutMResulting mirror cut SubDsGoo
Split IndexiThe splitting index (only if Join is false). To split the mirror cut SubD set at the mirror use this as the index input on Grasshopper's Split List component.Integer
Reach PlaneRPThe plane at the reach distancePlane
Offset PlaneOPThe plane at the offset distancePlane
IntersectedITrue if the SubD was intersected by the mirror cut, False if the SubD was not intersected by the mirror cutBoolean

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