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Imports g-code for 3D Printing. Tested with Netfabb, but should work with most slicers.


PathPATHPath towards NC fileString
Tolerance: Points in Cartesian SpaceREDUCE PTTolerance in mm. Higher values will result in a smaller, less accurate toolpath.Number
Tolerance: Extrusion SpeedREDUCE EMaximum change in extrusion distance per toolpath segment length. Higher values will result in a smaller, less accurate toolpath, but extrusion speed accuracy may be negatively impacted.Number
Extrusion ModeEXTRUSION MODESets how the extrusion speed is output. Entering "E1", "E2" etc. will map the E value to an external axis. Entering "D1", "D2", etc. will map a boolean on/off value to a digital output. Entering any other string will map the extrusion velocity (E value divided by toolpath segment length) to a variable, that needs to be create at the robot, e.g. as a global variable in $config.dat String
Orientation PointORIENTFusion provides 5-axis data. The orientation point defines the rotation of the tool around its axis. By default the X-axis of the plane will face away from the orientation point. So placing the orientation point close to the robot's base is usually a good place to start. If you want a static orientation, provide a very large vector with a length of > 50.000mmPoint


KUKA|prc CommandsCMDSA series of KUKA|prc Commands (e.g. LINear, PTP, AXIS movements) that define the robot's toolpath.CommandData

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