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Use this component to calculate the ambient resoluation (ar) needed to resolve a detail of a diven dimension in Rhino model units. The full geometry scene of HBObjects is needed to calculate this number accurately
The resulting ar from this component can be plugged into the Honeybee_RADParameters component.


HBObjects_HBObjectsAll of the Honeybee objects that are going to be used in the daylight simulation.Goo
Min Detail Dim_minDetailDimA number in Rhino model units that represents the dimension of the smallest detail that must be resolved in the daylight simulation.Goo
Aa_aa_An optional number for Ambient Accuracy. This value should be matched between this component and the Honeybee_RADParameters component. If no value is input here, a default of 0.25 will be used, which is the default low-resolution value for aa.Goo


ArarThe abmient resolution needed to resolve a detail of the input _minDetailDim. This can be plugged into the Honeybee_RADParameters component.Goo

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