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This is a component for running a previoulsy-generated .idf file through EnergyPlus.


Idf File Path_idfFilePathThe full file path to the idf file on your system that you would like to run (e.g. C:\ladybug\sample1.idf).Goo
Epw File Address_epwFileAddressThe full file path to epw weather file that you would like the simulation to run with.Goo
Parallelparallel_Set to "True" to run multiple IDFs using multiple CPUs. Note that this input is only relevant when you have plugged in a list of IDF file addresses.Goo
Run It_runItSet to 'True' to run the simulation.Goo


Result File AddressresultFileAddressThe address of the EnergyPlus result file.Goo
Eio File AddresseioFileAddressThe file path of the EIO file that has been generated on your machine. This file contains information about the sizes of all HVAC equipment from the simulation. This file is only generated when you set "runSimulation_" to "True."Goo
Rdd File AddressrddFileAddressThe file path of the Result Data Dictionary (.rdd) file that is generated after running the file through EnergyPlus. This file contains all possible outputs that can be requested from the EnergyPlus model. Use the "Honeybee_Read Result Dictionary" to see what outputs can be requested.Goo

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