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False Color


HDRFile Path_HDRFilePathPath to an HDR image fileGoo
Legend UnitlegendUnit_Unit of the legend (e.g. lux, cd/m2,...)Goo
Conversion FconversionF_Conversion factor for the results. Default is 179.Goo
Legend MaxlegendMax_Maximum bound for the legendGoo
Contour LinescontourLines_Set to True ro render the image with colored contour lines.Goo
Contour BandscontourBands_Set to True ro render the image with solid-colored contour regions.Goo
Num Of SegmentsnumOfSegments_An interger representing the number of steps between the high and low boundary of the legend. Default value is set to 10.Goo
Legend PositionlegendPosition_A number between 0 to 11 to set legend position to the given direction WS|W|WN|NW|N|NE|EN|E|ES|SE|S|SWGoo
Print ExtremaprintExtrema_Set to True to cause extrema points to be printed on the brightest and darkest pixels of the input picture.Goo
Mask ThresholdmaskThreshold_Optional number for masking threshold. Pixels with values less than this number will be rendered in black.Goo
Use Alter ColorsuseAlterColors_Set to True to use the alternate colorset.Goo
Render_renderSet to True to render the new imageGoo


Output File PathoutputFilePathPath to the result HDR fileGoo

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