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Use this component to adjust the U-value an EP construction without any thermal bridges to account for birdges by adjusting the condutivity of one of the materials.


Original EPConstruction_originalEPConstructionAn EP construction that does not have any thermal bridges associated with it.Goo
Therm Bridged UValue_thermBridgedUValueThe U-value in SI units (W/m2-K) that you would like the whole construction assembly to be adjusted to. This U-value should include the resistance of air films on either side of the construction assembly, which is included by default in the output from THERM simulations.Goo
Material To Adjust_materialToAdjustThe name of a material within the _originalEPConstruction that you would like to have the conductivity adjusted to meet the _thermBridgedUValue.Goo
Custom Name_customName_An optional custom name to be added to the new thermally bridged material and construction.Goo


Bridged ConstructionbridgedConstructionA thermally bridged construction that can be applied to HBZones and HBSurfaces for energy simulations.Goo
Bridged Constr TextbridgedConstrTextThe IDF text that defines the thermally bridged construction that has been written to the memory of the document.Goo
Bridged Material TextbridgedMaterialTextThe IDF text that defines the thermally bridged material within the construction.Goo
Bridged Mat RValuebridgedMatRValueThe R-value of the newly created thermally bridged material.Goo

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