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Read Annual Daylight Results II [Daysim]


Result Files AddressresultFilesAddressList of .ill filesGoo
Test PtstestPtsList of 3d PointsGoo
Working HoursworkingHoursA domain that indicates start and the end hour of tha study. Default is from 8 to 17.Goo
Lunch HourslunchHoursA domain that indicates start and end of the hours off during the dayGoo
Time SteptimeStepTimestep for the annual study. Default is 1.Goo
Min ThresholdminThresholdMinimum of desired value (default is illuminance and 300 lux)Goo
Max ThresholdmaxThresholdMaximum of desired value (default is infinite)Goo
Run It_runItScript variable readAnnualResultsIIGoo


Less Than RangelessThanRangePercentage of the time that the value is less than desired valueGoo
In The RangeinTheRangePercentage of the time that the value is between minimum and maximum ThresholdsGoo
More Than RangemoreThanRangePercentage of the time that the value is more than desired valueGoo

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