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This component is to be used for specifying the location of luminaires for electric lighting simulations.
For external lighting applications the best option would be to use the aimingPoint_ option to specify where all the luminaires should be aimed to.
In case luminaires are being aimed by specifying spin, tilt and orientation angles, the following conventions apply:
1. _spin_ : specifies the rotation of a luminaire about its G0 axis.
2. _tilt_: species the rotation of a luminaire around the Y axis.
3. _orientation_: specifies the rotation of a luminaire around the Z axis.
The recommended sequence of applying rotations is tilt,orientation and spin.
The aiming conventions followed in this component are based on the IES LM-63-2002 and were tested against indoor lighting simulations with AGI32 software.


Pts List_ptsListList of points/3d coordinates where the luminaires are to be located.Goo
Spin_spin_A number represeting the luminaire spin angle in degrees. This can also be a list of spin angles that match the _ptsList.Goo
Tilt_tilt_A number represeting the luminaire tilt angle in degrees. This can also be a list of tilt angles that match the _ptsList.Goo
Orientation_orientation_A number represeting the luminaire rotation angle in degrees. This can also be a list of orientation angles that match the _ptsList.Goo
Aiming PointaimingPoint_A point represeting the location at which the photometric axis of the luminaires should be aimed. This can also be a list of points that match the _ptsList.Goo
Custom LampcustomLamp_A custom lamp definition from the "Honeybee_IES Custom Lamp" component.Goo


OutreadMe!The execution information, as output and error streamsString
Luminaire ZoneluminaireZoneList of coordinates and rotation angles for luminairesGoo

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