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Use this component to read the content of a THERM XML file into Grasshopper. The component will extract both THERM polygons and boundary conditions along with all of their properties.
At this point in time, U-Factor tags are not supported but all other features should be imported.


Therm XMLFile_thermXMLFileA filepath to a therm XML file on your machine.Goo
Base PlanebasePlane_An optional plane or point to set the location and orientation of the THERM file geometry in the Rhino scene. The default will seatch for location information within the THERM file and, if none is found, geomtry is brought into the World XY plane.Goo


Therm PolygonsthermPolygonsThe therm polygons within the therm XML file.Goo
Therm BCsthermBCsThe therm boundary conditions within the therm XML file.Goo

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