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Use this component to generate lists of glazing ratios, breakUp diatance, window heigths, sill heights, or vertical glazing splits for the four primary cardinal directions.
Depeding on your intended use of the numbers connected to this component, they should be plugged into the _glzRatio, breakUpWindow_, windowHeight_, sillHeight_, or splitGlzVertically_ inputs of the "Glazing based on ratio" component.


North Glz Param_northGlzParam_Glazing parameter for the north side of a building.Goo
West Glz Param_westGlzParam_Glazing parameter for the west side of a building.Goo
South Glz Param_southGlzParam_Glazing parameter for the south side of a building.Goo
East Glz Param_eastGlzParam_Glazing parameter for the east side of a building.Goo


Glz Param ListglzParamListA list of glazing parameters for different cardinal directions to be plugged into either the _glzRatio, breakUpWindow_, windowHeight_, sillHeight_, or splitGlzVertically_ input of the "Glazing based on ratio" component.Goo

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