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This component parses an .eio file from an energy simulation and brings in the sizes of all of the HVAC equipment.


Eio File_eioFileThe file address of the eio file that comes out of the "Honeybee_Lookup EnergyPlus Folder" component.Goo
Keywordskeywords_Optional keywords that will be used to search through the outputs.Goo


Zone Peak Load ObjszonePeakLoadObjsText describing the meaning of the zonePeakLoadVals below.Goo
Zone Peak Load ValszonePeakLoadValsThe sum of the zone's peak sensible loads on the design days. These are eventually used to size the HVAC equipment that delivers heating/cooling to the zones.Goo
Zone Sizing ObjszoneSizingObjsText describing the meaning of the zoneSizingValues below.Goo
Zone Sizing ValueszoneSizingValuesThe zone's peak sensible loads multiplied by their respective design "safety" factors (set on the "Energy Simulation Par" component). These safety factors are used to slightly oversize zone heating/cooling equipment and is standard ASHRAE practice.Goo
System Sizing ObjssystemSizingObjsText describing the meaning of the systemSizingVals below.Goo
System Sizing ValssystemSizingValsValues denoting the size of various central HVAC system elemts (like the primary air loop flow rates).Goo
Component Siz ObjscomponentSizObjsText describing the meaning of the componentSizVals below.Goo
Component Siz ValscomponentSizValsValues denoting the size of various zone HVAC components (like zone terminal sizes, heating/cooling coil sizes, lengths of chilled beams, etc.).Goo
Cool Design Day LoadcoolDesignDayLoadThe sum of the load that must be reomved from the space at every timestep of the cooling design day.Goo
Heat Design Day LoadheatDesignDayLoadThe sum of the load that must be added to the space at every timestep of the heating design day.Goo

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