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export geometries to rad file, and run daylighting/energy simulation


HBObjects_HBObjectsList of Honeybee objectsGoo
Analysis Recipe_analysisRecipeAn analysis recipeGoo
------------------------------------Script variable writeRadGoo
Write Rad_writeRadWrite simulation filesGoo
Run RadrunRad_Run the analysis. _writeRad should be also set to true. Set to 2 if you want the analysis to run in background. This option is useful for parametric runs when you don't want to see command shells.Goo
Num Of CPUs_numOfCPUs_Number of CPUs to be used for the studies. This option doesn't work for image-based analysisGoo
--------------------------------------Script input |\\|//|\\|//|\\|//|\\|//|.Goo
Working Dir_workingDir_Working directory on your system. Default is set to C:\LadybugGoo
Rad File Name_radFileName_Input the project name as a stringGoo
------------------------------------Script input |//|\\|//|\\|//|\\|//|\\|.Goo
Mesh SettingsmeshSettings_Custom mesh setting. Use Grasshopper mesh setting componentsGoo
Export Air WallsexportAirWalls_Set to True if you want to export air walls as surfaces and False if you don't want air walls be exported. The default is set to False.Goo
Additional Rad FilesadditionalRadFiles_A list of fullpath to valid radiance files which will be added to the sceneGoo
Overwrite ResultsoverwriteResults_Set to False if you want the component create a copy of all the results. Default is TrueGoo


Analysis TypeanalysisTypeType of the analysis (e.g. illuminance, luminance,...)Goo
Results UnitresultsUnitUnit of the results (e.g. lux, candela, wh/m2)Goo
ResultsresultsPath to the results of grid based analysis (includes all the recipes except image-based and annual)Goo
Test PtstestPtsTest pointsGoo
Result FilesresultFilesScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
Rad Geo FileradGeoFileScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
Study FolderstudyFolderScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
DonedoneTrue if the study is overGoo

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