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Import gbXML files as Honeybee zones.
This component uses OpenStudio libraries to import all geometry, constrcuctions,
and boundary conditions (including adjacencies).
Loads, schedules, and HVAC systems are not currently imported by this component
and must be reassigned using Honeybee components.


Filepath_filepathFull filepath to xml file.Goo
Zone Names_zoneNamesThe list of names for thermal zones that you want to be loaded from the file. By default the component will import all the zones.Goo
Import_importSet to True to import the model.Goo


ModelmodelOpenStudio model which is created from the gbXML file. This output will only be useful for advanced users to develop custom scipts.Goo
HBZonesHBZonesList of honeybee zones.Goo
ShadingsshadingsList of shading surfaces if any.Goo

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